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How to create a beautiful Scandi style

First of all what is ‘Scandi style’ and why is it such a popular style movement?

Well, Scandinavian homes are dark – due to lack of natural light in that part of the world. Especially during long, dark winter months. So, homes need to make the most of every inch of natural light by trapping it and bouncing it around.

Scandi palettes

Colour palettes are usually soft and white – that applies to walls, floors and ceiling. Clever layered lighting is used, as well as natural timber. And neutral shades of pale grey, soft blue and gentle greens can be added to complete the look. You can find more colour inspiration here.

Scandi style is simple, fresh, natural and bright. Which is why there is such an appreciation for this style the world over. And although interior design moves at such a pace, this style keeps up with the times by evolving itself over the years. Which is great news for those who wish to invest in Scandi style furniture.

Cost effective

In its simplest terms, Scandi is minimalist with pops of colour. And so any space can be refreshed and updated simply by swapping soft furnishings and artwork in and out. Cosy Hygge style throws in the winter and clean, crisp botanical prints in the spring. A contrast of bold colours such as red and black used in rugs, light features or blinds. Mix in a fusion of current trends with your Scandi style such as Japanese designs and influences. And all the while your Scandi furniture remains in style.

A statement piece

Scandinavians love statement pieces of furniture with clean, crisp lines. Every room is carefully curated with practical chairs and tables – often using natural materials. Elegant, sleek, fuss-free and functional, but at the same time warm and inviting. The Relish Collection by Futanni is a classic example of ultimate Scandi style furniture at an affordable price.

Recreate Yourself

If you are creating a Scandi style space always remember the four key elements – light, white, natural and simple.

And if you’d like some help and inspiration from a team of experts, please get in touch. We’re a family business with a passion for stylish furniture, and we love to share ideas on creating beautiful spaces. Futanni furniture is environmentally friendly and manufactured to the highest standards.