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Futanni Care and Maintenance of Furniture

All Futanni products are manufactured to the highest quality standards so ensure your products continue to look good by following the recommended care guide below.

Plastic Furniture

To fully protect your outdoor furniture in the winter months and prolong its lifespan it is better to cover the items.

Although our products are weather resistant plastics can bleach in the sun, so we recommend you keep it out of direct sunlight when not in use.

Caring for your furniture:

Wash down plastic tables, chairs and sun loungers with warm water and a mild detergent, taking care not to scratch the surface. For stubborn marks, use white vinegar with baking powder or a non-abrasive cleaning cream.

Synthetic woven rattan products

Our plastic woven rattan furniture looks like the real thing but is far harder wearing and doesn’t unravel. More importantly in the UK’s climate our products are weatherproof and can withstand both hot and cold conditions.

To fully protect your outdoor furniture in the winter months and prolong its lifespan it is better to cover the items.

Caring for your furniture:

Simply wash with warm water and mild detergent, using a soft brush to penetrate the cracks and hose down lightly to remove the excess detergent. If you are using a pressure hose, remember to use a low setting and do not hold it too close to the furniture.

Fabrics and cushions

We recommend that products with water-resistant fabrics, such as cushions, be stored indoors when not in use, to avoid attracting mould.

Caring for your furniture:

Please refer to specific manufacturing guidelines on the cleaning of a particular fabric. Cleaning with the wrong solution could damage the fabric. Upholstery cover stains can normally be treated with a damp cloth provided they are treated immediately. If a cleaning substance is used it should be tested on a non – visible area to check it does not damage the fabric.


For regular cleaning, simply vacuum and then use a soft cloth and wring it out in warm mild soap solution.

Caring for your furniture:

NEVER USE DETERGENT. Wipe the surface using a light circular motion taking care not to soak the leather. Repeat using clean water.

Wood seating and tables

Their unique rustic appearance features natural wooden grain, ensures that they enhance the look of any venue making a statement of quality which is classic and timeless.

Due to the natural features of wooden grain Futanni cannot guarantee the exact matching of any wood products. The rustic appearance of the wood grain gives a natural colour variation and texture which is classic and timeless.

Caring for your furniture:

Wood products can be cleaned with a water-soluble solution to remove any build-up of grease and grime (remove any excess water immediately). If you do use a detergent, please make sure you adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines and DO NOT MIX THE SOLUTION TOO STRONG. Failure to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines could permanently damage the surface lacquer of the tables.

Wood products should not be subject to extreme temperatures, particularly, moisture and direct sun as finishes will age with time and exposure to sun light. To fully protect your outdoor furniture in the winter months and prolong its lifespan it is better to cover the items.

Care of outdoor furniture

We recommend that wherever possible in poor weather conditions furniture should be stored under cover or indoors wherever possible. Exposed timber on outdoor furniture should be treated regularly with a suitable wood oil or varnish. This will increase the life of the product.

Environmental statement

Futanni furniture is environmentally friendly. Futanni chooses its timber from suppliers that support the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) which operates to improve forest management all over the world. The FSC companies guarantee that the wood contained in their products comes from forests managed correctly and responsibly, according to the stringent, social, and economic conditions.