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5 Tips for ‘top tier’ Christmas décor

Make sure your Christmas decorations extend beyond the tree this year by considering the following tips in your home! Whether you’re having guests over or keeping it small, your home should be a snug sanctuary you can relax in all holiday-long.

Choose your theme and stick to it.

When it comes to choosing a theme for your Christmas décor, you might feel a bit overwhelmed – from the whites and silvers to the rich green and reds, there is a plethora of options on the market.

The best start when considering your palette and theme is to think about what colours and furniture you already have in your home. If you have hints of gold, for example, warm colours like red work extremely well. If your house is more influenced by silver, white and grey are the perfect choice. Of course, there are no set rules – and one’s taste can vary from modern to traditional – just make sure it’s something you can enjoy and live with happily throughout December!

Don’t forget your centrepiece!

The dining room is often an afterthought when it comes to Christmas decorations. We understand that functionality must be the top priority given that the dining table is the hub of the home on Christmas Day, but that doesn’t mean it should forego festive spirit!

Centrepieces really add that extra touch to your Christmas table decorations, and there are plenty of options depending on your preference. If you already have a wreath, you can use this on your table surrounded by some holly and pinecones for that classic feel.

You can also add in some candles, hurricane lanterns, baubles, string lights and metallics to have your table sparkling – literally.

Alternatively, you can take some inspiration from the function of the dining table itself and have a food-inspired centrepiece. Sounds tasty, right? Popular choices of food include cake stands, fruit, or even a scattering of natural snacks such as walnuts and figs. The options really are endless – just make sure you’re picking food that doesn’t need to stay in the fridge…

Top tip: when considering your dining room furniture, remember that wood is a timeless favourite, for good reason. Neutral tones make it highly flexible when it comes to design and style, yet the grain still adds enough interest and texture to make it a statement. Our bestselling Wentworth Loop Dining Table with Character Oak Top is the perfect platform for your centrepiece this Christmas!

Add ambience and atmosphere.

Lighting may be the most logical way to add ambience and atmosphere and enhance your Christmas décor. Nothing screams ‘Christmas’ more than candles and a fireplace; whether they’re real or LED lights, it’s never been easier to invoke the glow of a log cabin in your own home. String lights on your banister or lining your hallway are also a great way to bring the stars inside.

Another – often overlooked – atmosphere enhancer is fragrance. Your home can quickly and easily feel festive by using scent. Christmas fragrances combine citrus, cinnamon, clove, frankincense, and myrrh notes to create a rich, opulent atmosphere. Candles, diffusers and sprays are all great options depending on your preference.

Take inspiration from nature.

Keep your Christmas decorations fresh and on-trend by taking some insight from the natural world. Although Winter is usually associated with a receding of nature – bare branches and a transition from green to brown – there are lots of items you can still utilise in your decoration.

Collect an eclectic mix of twigs, branches, ivy and pinecones for the perfect balance of textures and tones. A length of foliage on your mantlepiece can be effective, and you can even consider natural hints in your table settings, such as wooden serving plates and napkin rings to tie the whole look together.

Nature can inspire your furniture choices, too. A nature-inspired décor theme compliments solid wood and leather effortlessly. Just imagine dried mistletoe, holly, and pinecones along your table runner paired with our Harland Side Chair – it’s a dreamy, stylish match.

Be clever with colour.

It’s important to consider colour carefully when settling on your Christmas décor . It can be helpful to just stick to one; for example, using a bough of berries as a garland could be the only colour you need, making it easy to match your napkins, tinsel, and baubles accordingly.

If you want to be a bit bolder with colour, make sure you consider which hues are complimentary and which might be a bit too distracting on the eye. One bold colour with a metallic or neutral pairing is usually a successful outcome to any festive theme.

If you do go for a softer colour palette, consider bringing a burst of colour in using your furniture! Our Brooklyn and Logan Arm Chairs come in a beautiful colour range and are fantastic as a feature piece in your living space – just in time for Christmas!

Christmas can be a stressful time for many, particularly for the host. Get ahead and make sure you’re prepared for your festivities this year to really enjoy your holiday in comfort. After all, Christmas decorations should be fun!

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