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Patio furniture still has its place in small gardens, here’s why…

There are always challenges when it comes to making furnished small areas usable, but there are some useful tips to bear in mind when designing your outdoor space. Here are some of our favourites:

Flexible furniture is your friend!

You might not have a 3-acre field next to your house, but that certainly doesn’t stop you from creating an outside space you love. Choose flexible furniture that can have multiple purposes – whether it’s an indoor piece you can bring outside for gatherings, something that extends when needed or a set that can be stacked away. Large, clunky pieces take up more room and are unlikely to compliment a small area. Our Ares Taupe Dining Set is a sleek and versatile patio furniture option, and the Dream Folding Chair is the perfect space-saving solution that still adds colour and style.

Extend the outdoors.

A small garden can feel much more spacious if it feels like an extension of your inside setup. Furniture that includes elements of cushioned seats, natural weave or rattan look great inside and outside and can create a wonderfully balanced space – especially with a few cosy accessories.

The patio furniture you choose is crucial for this indoor-outdoor feel. Our Bloom Grey Dining Set is perfect for achieving this in a sophisticated, contemporary way.

Be colour bold!

Don’t be scared to introduce some mood-enhancing colour! Colour adds depth and brightens any space – perfect if you don’t have much of it. There are so many options on the market now beyond black, beige and brown. Take a look at our Air Side Chair which comes in 8 stunning shades for that splash of outdoor colour.

Build a sense of height.

Have a small patio or a balcony space? Invest in some taller furniture that takes up less floor space. You can add other, smaller accessories to still add depth and scale. Stools – such as our Air 65 Bar Stool and Marlow Bar Stool – are a great way of doing this. Introduce a few plants and some nice lighting, and you’ve got a great area for entertaining.

Clever Camouflage…

Is your garden walled in? Do you have a balcony rail? Believe it or not, you can utilise these by using dark colours and climbing plants to break up harsh lines and give the illusion of more space. It’s an easy, cost-effective way to decorate and complement your outdoor furniture without breaking into precious square footage.

Can you think of any other small space tricks for the garden? Share them with us!

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